Wednesday, December 31

Wrapping up 2014

Last 50 minutes of 2014, as I started typing this. .

2014 Kpop World

2014 is the worst year in Kpop history and also my history so far. First there's this amazing group call EXO which I'm a huge fan of. I was looking forward to their first ever concert and that's when shit happens. Kris left. Kris left exactly a week before the concert starts. Yeah I was like wtf but I understand what's going on. SME's management is fucked up. What's next? Dispatch revealed that Beakhyun and Taeyeon are dating each other. HAHA. I was mad that time and I don't know why. Maybe because I think EXO is still young to have any dating scandal, I mean they just debuted not long ago and BAM! in a relationship with SNSD's Taeyeon. Maybe SM gave up covering those scandals and they are quite open with this issue this year though. Done with dating issues, and here we have Luhan leaving EXO. Yes he FUCKING LEFT EXO. I'm too speechless to react to that piece of shit news. Still, I understand. I mean c'mon I'm an ELF for years now I know exactly what is going on in SME. No worries I'm still and EXO-L :D Now time to talk about Super Junior OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG. Super Junior is one of the main reason I wanna remove 2014 from my memory. [cries the size of pacific ocean] SUNGMIN IS MARRIED OMG MINNIE MARRIED!!!! I hate that girl, I mean we all hated that girl but that's he's choice. At the very first none of the staffs nor the members nor us agreed with him marrying that girl. That girl showed off too much OMG SHE'S FUCKING ANNOYING I HOPE SHE WILL CHANGE FOR GOOD YOU DON'T MESS WITH ELF I WARN YA. Well, Minnie tried so hard to convince everyone. We respected his choice, congratulated half-heartedly though. We are proud of minnie getting married but we are not happy about that girl. Fine. The next sad news, our forever strongest and bravest leader Park JungSoo aka Lee Teuk, While he was away in the army, his father and the grandparents passed away. They suicide. I don't wanna talk about it. Let's move on.

2014 My World

I hate 2014. Its not my hear. Shit happens. Tons of it. Long story short. I lost 2 precious friend [they passed away] Got into Uni which I don't enjoy at all, I mean in terms of socializing. You might think I'm joking but I'm lonely, for the first time in my life. I'm fucking lonely in the Uni. I'm living alone and I didn't really make friends. I tried my best but I guess our energy level are not the same. College friends wouldn't believe me hahah I know its hard to believe but thats the sad truth yo. That's why people always have this saying true friend can only be found in your college years and I totally agree with it. Oh and also my phone fucked up a week before Christmas and my laptop decided to suicide too the night before Christmas eve. What a life. So yeah, pretty much sums up my bad 2014. 

2014 End of Year Thanking Message

All of you. Yes, All of you. Be it you are a passerby I met on the street, be it you don't like me or I don't like you, be it new friends or old friends, be it you came into my life but left or stayed, Thank you. Thank you all of you. Everyone is a lesson that helped me to grow. Everyone is a tutor that changed my vision of this world. Thank you very much, sincerely. Especially to those who seriously kept in touch with me, who always have me in your mind, who always includes me in your prayer, who always worries about me, I love you all! Let our relationship continues for more coming years and may our relationship grows stronger. 

To 2015

Hello 2015. I've come a long way to meet you. I hope you and I will have fun together and create great and happy memories, May God bless 2015.

To Everyone

Sincerely wishing you a real Happy New Year. Have faith in God and let Him lead the way. Let's have a blessed 2015 together. Let me share a quote by Morrie, "Love each other or perish". Give the love around, back around it goes. 

Sincerely with great hope and wishes that all of us will have a blessed 2015,

Sunday, September 21

Just came back from Korea 3 days ago. Lots of things to be updated but for now I will deal with my Uni things and then get back to my blog to share my happiness with all you fellas! Can't wait! :D
-Stay tuned-

Thursday, July 31

Back to Black.

A person't taste changes as they grow up. I'm a very good example. I was never fond of street style's fashion but now its totally my style. Street wear is so my style right now haha! Oh do not confuse street wear with hip hop fashion alright. Now, snapbacks are definitely one of the must item in street wear. I will share some from my most favorite brand of snapbacks. 

Introducing you the Chrome Hearts snapback. I love all their products! Their design features the fleur-de-lys, dagger and floral cross designs, which has always been my favorite ever since young. I sometimes seriously hope they have skull design too haha! Oh plus point for this is that you can custom order your products :) One day, I'm gonna get this snapback. Price? Definitely not cheap. If I'm not wrong this snapback cost about RM1000 more or less. That's Chrome Hearts for you. 

Here is the SAKUN G-snake snapback. Sorry bout the small size of photo but I can't find a large one. You can visit here to order or have a look at their products. SAKUN is a very famous brand in Korea, thanks to Big Bang who endorsed them. But put that aside, I love their designs! SAKUN has a very unique taste of its own, which makes it rare. Their design is not common and popular in the western countries, but in Asia yes. The only way you can get their product is through their website which I already linked above or get a plane ticket to Korea. I strongly recommend this brand. Their quality is worth the price. Oh yeah, I'm getting this snapback from Korea, it will arrive in 20 days I guess.

Stereo Vinyls SSSSS Gradient Snapback. Lots of Kpop idols are wearing them. It's unique, simple and nice. The stars that goes gradient gave it a plus point. They also have it in red and white color. Their collection is the one with mickey in the middle front, which I wanna get haha! The price is about the same as SAKUN and their quality is guaranteed. 

Well, other than these brands above, there's also Supreme, Dope, Hater, HBA, Stampd, Kenzo, Stussy, D9 Reserve, Givenchy, RUN DMC, MCM, Cayler & Sons, Rebel Eight, YMCMB, Chicago Bulls, Last Kings, 10DEEP, Huf, Freiknock and more. Brands that I mentioned here are my favorite :) You don't have to follow the trend, just make sure to choose those that brings your charm and personality out and it will be perfect and unique :) 

A little p/s: Anyone who's interested in getting these brands' snapback but do not know how or where to get, I'm very glad to help you :) Just leave a message by the cbox or you could leave a comment below, or email me at :) Shipment wise within Malaysia would not be a problem at all, international wise I will consider. Thank you :) 

Alright, enough for the snapbacks? Not for me haha! As time goes by, I will pop in little by little on my fashion taste and share with ya'll.

Love xoxo,

Wednesday, July 30

Short getaway

As I mentioned in my previous post, I head down to KL (Kuala Lumpur) with the parents for a 2 days 1 night getaway. We stayed in Cititel Mid Valley hotel. This hotel topped my list of choices when it comes to choosing hotel to stay. Price is reasonable and I am very satisfied with their services and facilities, well FYI I am very picky when it comes to choosing hotels ;) I've always book through calls or walk in but this time I tried using and it's extremely easy and fast, in which you can always get them at a cheaper rate. So this getaway trip for me is special because I'm meeting up with my best friends after not meeting up for almost 8 months! Alright, I shall let the photos speak up!

 Had breakfast at usual place in Bukit Tinggi. This picture might not express the taste of this bowl of pan mee but TRUST me, its the best pan mee I ever had so far. I am a huge fan of pan mee and ko lou mee, and you can find the best one here! I forgot the name though. Will post it up next time. By the way I ordered dry pan mee aka ko lou pan mee. Was too hungry so I forgot to snap a photo of it. Oh yeah, coffee lovers alert! Here you can taste the best original kampung coffee. There is no where else you can taste the same taste this shop own's!

 I reached KL and checked in very early so I spent about an hour plus or so to shop on my own and then head back to my room to shower. And then~Kanmani decided to show up when I just finished my shower, and that's how we reunited after not seeing each other for almost 8 months-me wrapped in towel and nothing at all. HAHAHAHAH we laughed so hard! Jon with his girlfriend Pei Ting and JK turned up too! I'm surprised :))) It it's definitely a great time with them!

 So Shane and the rest had to leave early, I'm sad but no choice since I'm not going to Sunway. If not we coulda have hang out in Rock Cafe or somewhere else. So spent the rest of the time with Kanmani going in to every branded shop in Gardens haha! Finally end up in Madam Kwan's cause I crave for the cendol! She ordered fried shrimp dumpling and it's delicious! We talked a lot on world's issue LOL. 

 Dinner with parents- our first KGB (Killer Gourmet Burgers). Introducing KGB spiked-Perfectly cook with the juiciness from the beef patty and the crunchiness from the bacon and the melted cheese with slightly burnt on the side buns. It sends you to heaven for a moment haha! Cost-RM15.9 ala-carte

 Ordered Bella Bomb for daddy since cause he don't take beefs. It's a huge deep friend portobello mushroom with triple cheese and grilled chicken with shack sauce. Not quite fond of it cause it's too large to it them in one bite and the chicken is not seasoned well. The price is too pricey too! Still beef is on the win! Cost-RM21.9 ala-carte

 That's the sign. 

 This view is just so nice I had to stop and take it. I don't know much about editing using photoshop so decided to keep them original. Trust me it looks totally different and on another level in real haha. 

 Brunch on the next day @ Dragon-i. Our favorite place for a proper Chinese cuisine. Xiu Long Bao is a must here! It's just so succulent when you bite it, with thin sliced ginger in vinegar along-perfection!

 This is Pork Ribs with Zhen Jiang sauce. Also a must order for us. Oooh by the way their noodles is cannot be missed out too. Again, too hungry to take a photo of the fried knife-cut noodle with beef. I strongly recommend it!

 My favorite Hot pot Sheng Jian Bao with sauce at the bottom. Crunchy on the outside tender in the inside. 

 Early dinner @ Canton-i- Double boiled pear with chinese almonds. Good for your coughing issue and beauty. 

 Took away this pork burger @ Dai Lei Loi Kei which is not nice. I don't recommend it. Cost-RM12.9

 Combination of roast pork belly, roast duck and char siew @ Canton-i. Their roast duck and char siew are so-so but their roast pork belly is the best I ever had! Cost-RM36

 Mom ordered seafood porridge. Their porridge is super nice! 

 Welcome home my new babe! New Balance 501 series. Well I'm lucky enough to have a UK size 7 feet. Actually this design is only for the males. Most of the design that I had my eyes on are only for males, meh. But thank god for my feet's size haha! Still able to get it. My next target would be Jordans!

Mom's and mine.

So these picture pretty much sum up my short happy getaway :) Tomorrow I'll do a post on what I'm into lately. Cheeriox!

Love xoxo,

Sunday, July 27

Nope. Not now. Packing for a short getaway and meet up with friends in KL. So I'll see you guys on Tuesday. Cheerio!

Love xoxo,

Thursday, July 24

2 years of hiatus

After being on hiatus for about 2 years, here I am, back again.
Please allow me to greet you again, Hello! I'm Suyi, turning 22 by 17th of October, from Malaysia.
I kinda lost track of how to blog? So I think I will put on a list of what has happened so far during my hiatus. Hopefully by the time I finished this post, my old style of blogging will hit me back haha!

What has happened during this 2 years of hiatus:

  1. On top of EVERYTHING that has happened, I wanna share this happiness with all the Christians out there, I finally got my baptism done! Yippie! And my Christian name is Charissa. So my actual full name, which has yet to be registered on my ID card will be Charissa Phoebe Soon Suyi. I know its long but I love it! Phoebe was given by my mom ever since I was young, just FYI. 
  2. I graduated my diploma (CIMP) last year Decemeber, and has been enjoying my longest break ever in my 22 years of life. I'm taking up my degree this coming October, taking up Business majoring Marketing. So holla to all the seniors out there. \^^/
  3. I am still single. Sadly yes. 
  4. I lost weight, about 4KGs. Not much but I'm still happy with it, and the workout is still going on. So please look forward to it! 
  5. Cut my hair short, like real short. But its about shoulder length now. Will post up a photo of my short hair. 
  6. I'm more matured than I used to be now. I learnt a lot from life and from those who I look up to, and I will keep learning and learn more. 
  7. I'm officially an iPhone user now, just in case you don't know, I was a huge fan of Samsung phone. Now it has been passed on to my mother so I 'm using iPhone 5s gold. 
  8. If you guys still remember, I used to mention a lot about my interest in learning foreign languages in my old posts. Result? My Korean has improved tremendously. Sadly, I've completely forgotten my Japanese which I've learned and was able to communicate fluently for 2 years. Never mind, I'll do it again. 
  9. Went to my very first overseas trip, completely planned by best friends, to Singapore. They are Jonathan and Shane. Best trip I ever had! 
  10. Now that I mentioned about the trip, it reminds me to introduce officially to my best friends of life, who really and actually stands out for me and protected me, taught me, teased me like there's no tomorrow, love me like i'm their family, and so on. A big shout out to Shane, Kanmai, Jonathan, Raymond, Sock Teng, Huijuen, Sonia Lasong, Adriana, and Jerene. Well actually there are more, but these few are the closest. All of them were my college friends and room mate and housemate. 
  11. I'm officially a huge fan of EXO. Now don't get me wrong, I DID NOT BETRAY SUPER JUNIOR. Super Junior to me is everything, my family. No one can ever replace them I can guarantee that. I was never a fan of some other group, so EXO is my second group that I fangirl on. Bias? Not really, because without everyone together they can't be EXO, but if I had to choose, Park Chanyeol. Yes, he is totally my type and we are the same age. I love Kai too. Well I love everyone, can't really choose. Oh and Teukie is finally coming out from the military service T_T 23 months of not seeing him, plus the very sudden incident that happened to him that shocked all of us, I can cry now. I'm gonna prepare lots of tissue boxed on the day of his discharge-29th of July. Sorry, but I take fandom very serious. 
So I guess that's all the highlights of my 2 years hiatus? I was actually planning to do some review of certain things and places and my hobby, but it will be all outdated haha! Mmmm what should I do to keep you guys updated? There's so many things I wanna share! Well there is still Instagram for you guys to follow me to check what's up in my life daily @soonsuyi  Do follow me and give me a shout out! Also follow me up on my twitter too! @soonsuyi  Easy to remember and find since I use my own name haha! Hope to see you guys there! Right, time for some photos. 

This was when I got my hair freshly cut back in January 2014. 

 My first Halloween's dress up! It was fun and that night One Republic came to Sunway Lagoon and we rocked it out on the canopy walk! Love their concert! 

Oh oh oh! How could I forgotten to mention about the biggest news of my life haha! I donated blood for the first time! Yahooo! Despite having bad phobia over needles, and I kinda feel like vomiting and fainting after that LOL. Did it with Faris.

Guess these much would sum up a lil of my hiatus life? No worries I will update more! Slowly and slowly you will be able to catch up with what I've missed sharing with everyone. Cheerio! 

Love xoxo,

p/s: Here's a big shout out to Jerene for motivating and nagging me to update my blog haha! Love!