Wednesday, December 31

Wrapping up 2014

Last 50 minutes of 2014, as I started typing this. .

2014 Kpop World

2014 is the worst year in Kpop history and also my history so far. First there's this amazing group call EXO which I'm a huge fan of. I was looking forward to their first ever concert and that's when shit happens. Kris left. Kris left exactly a week before the concert starts. Yeah I was like wtf but I understand what's going on. SME's management is fucked up. What's next? Dispatch revealed that Beakhyun and Taeyeon are dating each other. HAHA. I was mad that time and I don't know why. Maybe because I think EXO is still young to have any dating scandal, I mean they just debuted not long ago and BAM! in a relationship with SNSD's Taeyeon. Maybe SM gave up covering those scandals and they are quite open with this issue this year though. Done with dating issues, and here we have Luhan leaving EXO. Yes he FUCKING LEFT EXO. I'm too speechless to react to that piece of shit news. Still, I understand. I mean c'mon I'm an ELF for years now I know exactly what is going on in SME. No worries I'm still and EXO-L :D Now time to talk about Super Junior OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG. Super Junior is one of the main reason I wanna remove 2014 from my memory. [cries the size of pacific ocean] SUNGMIN IS MARRIED OMG MINNIE MARRIED!!!! I hate that girl, I mean we all hated that girl but that's he's choice. At the very first none of the staffs nor the members nor us agreed with him marrying that girl. That girl showed off too much OMG SHE'S FUCKING ANNOYING I HOPE SHE WILL CHANGE FOR GOOD YOU DON'T MESS WITH ELF I WARN YA. Well, Minnie tried so hard to convince everyone. We respected his choice, congratulated half-heartedly though. We are proud of minnie getting married but we are not happy about that girl. Fine. The next sad news, our forever strongest and bravest leader Park JungSoo aka Lee Teuk, While he was away in the army, his father and the grandparents passed away. They suicide. I don't wanna talk about it. Let's move on.

2014 My World

I hate 2014. Its not my hear. Shit happens. Tons of it. Long story short. I lost 2 precious friend [they passed away] Got into Uni which I don't enjoy at all, I mean in terms of socializing. You might think I'm joking but I'm lonely, for the first time in my life. I'm fucking lonely in the Uni. I'm living alone and I didn't really make friends. I tried my best but I guess our energy level are not the same. College friends wouldn't believe me hahah I know its hard to believe but thats the sad truth yo. That's why people always have this saying true friend can only be found in your college years and I totally agree with it. Oh and also my phone fucked up a week before Christmas and my laptop decided to suicide too the night before Christmas eve. What a life. So yeah, pretty much sums up my bad 2014. 

2014 End of Year Thanking Message

All of you. Yes, All of you. Be it you are a passerby I met on the street, be it you don't like me or I don't like you, be it new friends or old friends, be it you came into my life but left or stayed, Thank you. Thank you all of you. Everyone is a lesson that helped me to grow. Everyone is a tutor that changed my vision of this world. Thank you very much, sincerely. Especially to those who seriously kept in touch with me, who always have me in your mind, who always includes me in your prayer, who always worries about me, I love you all! Let our relationship continues for more coming years and may our relationship grows stronger. 

To 2015

Hello 2015. I've come a long way to meet you. I hope you and I will have fun together and create great and happy memories, May God bless 2015.

To Everyone

Sincerely wishing you a real Happy New Year. Have faith in God and let Him lead the way. Let's have a blessed 2015 together. Let me share a quote by Morrie, "Love each other or perish". Give the love around, back around it goes. 

Sincerely with great hope and wishes that all of us will have a blessed 2015,

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